When you choose Batimo for your house in les Landes you’re guaranteed the highest quality service:

  • Guaranteed reimbursement of your deposit
    This only applies to certain suspensive clauses of the contract: failure to obtain a mortgage; refused planning permission; or exercising your right to retract.
  • Guaranteed handover at the agreed price
    This only applies if the building company goes bankrupt. Your home will be terminated according to the conditions of the contract: at the agreed price; and on the agreed delivery date that was fixed on the day of signing.
  • Guaranteed handover on the agreed date
    When the CMI contract is signed, a timescale within which the house must be finished will be decided on by both parties
    The building contract guarantees your delivery date.
  • “Perfect finish” warranty (1 year)
    Villas Batimo commit to handling any irregular occurrences that crop up during the year after completion.
  • “Fixtures and fittings” warranty (2 years)
    This warranty covers potential malfunctions of any inseverable part of the building work (shutters, taps, heaters etc.) for 2 years after completion.
  • The Building warranty (10 years)
    Villa Batimo remains responsible (for 10 years after completion) for any damage that compromises the solidity of the building or that renders it unfit for its intended use; or for any defects in any of the structural elements.
  • Public liability insurance (10 years)​
    All building companies must take out an insurance policy to cover their liability.
  • “Dommage-ouvrage” insurance
    You are obliged to take out “dommage-ouvrage” insurance before any building begins. It guarantees payment (irrespective of responsibility) for repairs for damages in connection with the Building warranty that all builders
    are obliged to have.

Villas Batimo has negotiated a preferential price on a “dommage-ouvrage” insurance policy for you.

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